Dive into an emulator of obscure research hardware dredged off the net.
Uncovering remote 3D scans excavated from the RELICS virtual machine, you trespass among fragmented ruins; transmissions of a long-frozen data stream.
But when the stream begins to thaw, no system can handle this overflow...

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Christian Donlan - Eurogamer

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@seamusl - internet commentary

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Chris Priestman - Indie Statik

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Adam Smith - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Phil Savage - PC Gamer


Visual Finalist: in twExcellence Arts

Independent Games Festival March 2015

ਡGameplay Workshop MExperimental

San Francisco March 2013

Afterparty nqArcade fqIGF GChina

Shanghai November 2012

Arcade Prince of

Montreal November 2012

6ਡGame the ਡPlaying

Milan October 2012

rOf KFWonder Night Sense

Tokyo September 2012


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